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Administration Experts Can Help Claims Settle

By Johnny Meyer, Settlement Advisors Manager 

Legacy cases may be the bane of your existence. You might have a case in particular where you know the injured worker is frustrated with the workers’...

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Marques Torbert Speaking at the ABA Workers'...

Heading to the ABA Workers' Compensation Midwinter Conference? So are we! 

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Keeping a Startup Culture as You're Growing

On President’s day, I sat down with Porter Leslie, President of Ametros, to learn how in just two short years, Ametros managed to triple their team to nearly 70 employees while still maintaining...

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NCCI Report Recap: How Professional Administration...

A new research brief on MSAs and Workers’ Compensation by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) reveals significant opportunities to help injured parties, especially through use...

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How to Make Sure You Settle Well

Leverage Ametros’ Post-Settlement Administration Tools

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