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Special Needs Trusts: Medicare Set Asides 101

By Jayson Gallant, Settlement Operations Specialist

When the medical portion of a personal injury case settles, sometimes it is necessary for a Special Needs Trust (SNT) to be established in order...

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When to Engage a Professional Administrator: Medicare...

By Don Batchelor, Senior VP of Business Development & Sales

Whether you’re a structured settlement broker, plaintiff attorney, applicant attorney, or insurance adjuster, involving a professional...

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The Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid: Medicare Set Asides 101

By Marques Torbert, Chief Executive Officer and Porter Leslie, President

Let's be honest: managing your own MSA properly is nearly impossible. Most injured parties that settle their claims are...

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Professional Administration: Medicare Set Asides 101

by Porter Leslie, President

In the course of settling a worker’s compensation or liability case, there are many obstacles to overcome. One of the most frequent challenges is reaching a settlement...

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Find Out More About CareAssist with Our New Video!

Are you self-administering your Medicare Set Aside? 

CareAssist is an innovative self-administration and financial management tool that allows members to achieve prescription medication savings...

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