Special Needs Trusts: Medicare Set Asides 101

By Jayson Gallant, Settlement Operations Specialist

When the medical portion of a personal injury case settles, sometimes it is necessary for a Special Needs Trust (SNT) to be established in order...

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When to Engage a Professional Administrator: Medicare...

By Don Batchelor, Senior VP of Business Development & Sales

Whether you’re a structured settlement broker, plaintiff attorney, applicant attorney, or insurance adjuster, involving a professional...

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The Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid: Medicare Set Asides 101

By Marques Torbert, Chief Executive Officer and Porter Leslie, President

Let's be honest: managing your own MSA properly is nearly impossible. Most injured parties that settle their claims are...

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Professional Administration: Medicare Set Asides 101

by Porter Leslie, President

In the course of settling a worker’s compensation or liability case, there are many obstacles to overcome. One of the most frequent challenges is reaching a settlement...

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Find Out More About CareAssist with Our New Video!

Are you self-administering your Medicare Set Aside? 

CareAssist is an innovative self-administration and financial management tool that allows members to achieve prescription medication savings...

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CareQuote: Real Pricing for Better Settlements

A central challenge to closing open medical claims is the lack of transparency into the future cost of healthcare.  Adjusters, attorneys and injured individuals have lacked a reliable source when...

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Ametros Announces Release of New Service, CareQuote

Contact: Porter Leslie                                                                                                FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Phone: 339-223-9857

Email: pleslie@ametrosfinancial.com


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Amethyst: The Settlement Saver

Jordan Pfeiffer wasn't sure what to do. He'd fallen from a roof while on the job 4 years ago and sustained a significant spinal injury. His life had changed dramatically and so had his finances....

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Ametros Announces the Launch of New Websites and...

Ametros announces the launch of new websites and introduces two new breakthrough products, Amethyst and CareAssist.

At Ametros, we recognize that each settlement is unique and that each injured...

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New Ametros Amethyst Video

The Amethyst Healthcard links to your existing bank account and helps you maximize all of your care-related payments, but are always in complete control of your funds!

With Amethyst you have the...

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